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Cyril C. Haworth, Founder

During the early 1900's, the bus industry was in its pioneer days. Travel was quite an adventure considering the road conditions and the vehicles of the day. One of the early transportation pioneers in the West, specifically the San Joaquin Valley in Central California, was Cyril C. Haworth.

One of the most outstanding differences about Cyril Haworth's operation is that it still exists today as one of the most respected and successful independent bus carriers in the West.
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Cyril C. Haworth & his son Thoburn Haworth in a 1916 Packard Twin 6
In 1916, when new oil wells were springing up throughout California's fertile lower San Joaquin Valley, Cyril C. Haworth started a taxi service in Kern County with an old Hudson touring car. Transporting oil field workers to and from their jobs was a growth market, and Haworth quickly expanded his operation from a single Hudson sedan to a fleet of Packard touring cars. Some of the communities served by these early bus routes are gone today, however, the Orange Belt adventure had begun.
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1932 7-passenger Plymouth & Cyril C. Haworth
In 1930, Pickwick Stages System leased its Bakersfield-Paso Robles route to Kern County Transportation, CO., which in turn assigned the route to Cyril C. Haworth. By 1932, Flxible Airway coaches were used between Bakersfield and Paso Robles. On December 18, 1933, Haworth was authorized to purchase from Pacific Greyhound Lines (successor to Pickwick Stages) the route between Delano and Exeter via Ducor, Porterville and Terra Bella. At the same time the Railroad Commission granted him a new Certificate to operate between Exeter and Hanford via Visalia and the Visalia Airport. From 1933 to 1955, Orange Belt Stages grew from 120 route miles to over 400 route miles.
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1935 Chevrolet Stretch
The name "Orange Belt Stages" came from a route that ran along the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains. This area is famous for its lush groves of Navel and Valencia oranges. It is known as the citrus or "Orange Belt." The name Orange Belt Stages was first used in filings in 1934
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1937 16-passenger Flxible Airway & Cyril C. Haworth
1940 Flxible Clipper - First air-conditioned bus. Air conditioning was installed by Thoburn Haworth.
Orange Belt Stages was incorporated on November 30, 1935, and the operating rights were transferred to the corporation. Haworth family members constituted the board of directors, and the company was then, as now, based in Visalia.
1940 Flxible Clipper - First air-conditioned bus. Air conditioning was installed by Thoburn Haworth.
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1943 Flxible Clipper
In 1943, the corporation became a partnership of Thoburn S. Haworth and Bryan W. Haworth (sons of the founder) and their wives, doing business as Orange Belt Stages. By then, World War II had ushered in a new growth market: transporting soldiers - as many as 10,000 a month - to and from the area's military bases. Routes were revised accordingly, and Orange Belt Stages increased its fleet to include the latest state-of-the-art buses by such manufacturers as Flxible, International, Dodge, Federal, Indiana, Gillig, Chevrolet, Ford and Reo.
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1956 GMC PD-4104
1966 GMC "Buffalo" PD-4107
By 1955, the company was operating scheduled service over more than 400 route miles in Central California. It upgraded its fleet with new GMC coaches (and remained a faithful GM customer for the next two decades before switching to MCI in 1977). But the boom years were over in the oil towns, and military traffic had slowed. Meanwhile, increased use of private automobile was cutting into the area's bus rider ship. Orange Belt abandoned some lines, and took over some of the operations of other stage companies that weren't doing so well. The company remained solvent, but still, a new strategy was needed. Orange Belt began to pursue the logical next step: charter business.
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1980 MCI MC9
2000 MCI Renaissance

Orange Belt Stages upgraded its fleet to newer MCI buses in 1977.

Orange Belt now has 28 deluxe MCI coaches in its fleet.

In 1985 Mike Haworth became president and General Manager of the company.

In 2014 three (3) new MCI J coaches were added to the fleet, Wi-Fi, AC electrical receptacles and DVD player are now becoming standard on coaches.

A bus tour department Orange Belt Adventures, has been added at its Bakersfield facility for per person trips.

Schedule and Amtrak service extends from Santa Maria, Ca to Las Vegas, NV via San Luis Obispo, Hanford, Visalia, Bakersfield, Barstow. 525 Route miles daily.

16 deluxe charter coaches can be dedicated to group bus service.

Orange Belt services a large number of accounts from Universities, schools, junior colleges, churches, youth groups, summer groups, travel agencies, tour and service groups etc.
1994 MCI 102C3